Alessandro Dimas360 degree video cameraThere are numerous opportunities to use 360° Videos, and there are no limits to new ideas. 360° Videos offer the possibility to experience events, shows, concerts but also exhibitions, buildings, cities and of course sport events actively. Using new technology does not mean that it is not yet perfected. 360° Videos also provide breath-taking panorama views in the free fall. They are perfect for every business in every sector as well as for private people. 360° Videos offer a unique and top-modern possibility to impress.
Different special cameras (fish-eye cameras) produce a film, in which navigation is possible with the help of latest technology of hard- and software. These cameras are mounted on a special 360 degree rig / camera holder and are placed in exactly the same angle in order to ensure recording in all directions at the same time. Subsequently these six single videos are cut and put together to one single "straight" video. This video then shows what is happening in front, in the back and on the sides. Afterwards the video is synchronized with the sound and video to get the 360fulldome live-experience.  
360 video gearFisheye 360 videoA common 360° short video clip has approximately 90-350MB and is ready for playing within seconds. Of course the download speed and the resolution of the image and sound quality are depending on the computing power of the PC.
The user himself only needs the internet on his computer and no other special software to watch the videos. On smartphones 360° Videos can actually be watched on YouTube / Facebook and 360 Video APPs.
We are offering this new technology of 360° Videos in Austria and abroad, and produce 360° Videos according to individual customer requirements for all companies and all business fields. 
Contact us today about the complete solutions of 360° Videos and impress your customers soon.
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 Life Ball 2014 - 360 Grad Video

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Conchita Wurst | 360 Grad Video Life Ball Alessandro Dimas | 360 Grad Video

VOX Prominent | Life Ball 2014
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360 Grad Video ROMY GALA

Romy Gala | 360 Grad Video

Spaceflight 360


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360 degree video stratosphere

Sapce 360 Stratosphere Flight

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Spaceflight 360 degree video

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MDR 360
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Kurier 360 Grad Video 

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 Wiener Bezirksblatt

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interaktives 360 Grad Video Stratosphäre |


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IT Press APA

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360 Grad Rundgang Kurier



360 Grad Video Helmkamera | helmet mount


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360 Grad Video GoPro Halterung



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Samsung VR Gear Brille


Samsung VR Gear Brille


Samsung VR Gear Brille


Samsung VR Gear Brille