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Fisheye Lens 360 Degree Video360 degree video gearGet in touch with the world from a new perspective. Navigate in a 360° video! We made your 360 Video! 360° Videos offer this possibility. 360° technology gives you the feeling as if you had the camera in your own hands. Available everywhere you need it. Contact us tel +43 1 2144292 or mail: office@360-grad-video.com

360° Video Technology | NEW! MOVE THE VIDEO & CHANGE YOUR VIEW!
(Outdoor, Indoor, when it is raining, during sunshine | on the airplane, on the car, on the motorbike, on the boat, on buildings | at events, at parties, in clubs, on fairs | for sports, even in free fall).
360 GlassesMouseNavigate interactively! 360 Degree Videos complete 360° panorama photos with the latest technology of hard- and software for producing interactive films. These videos can be controlled and moved via the mouse or the keyboard and enable the user to actively take part in the action.
Unique, modern and affordable. Everywhere applicable – in motorsport as well as at shows or at business events. 360° Videos can be watched as Flash-video on your PC or MAC. The size of the video file is depending on the quality, the length and the speed of the internet connection. The videos are available in modern or compressed .mp4 standard and can be watched on the computer. An additional technology for watching 360° Videos on mobile devices is about to be developed. 
360 degree video, Alessandro Dimas
Book today your impressive & interactive 360 degree video. One or several 360° videos from your property, your sho or event. Our 360° videos can be integrated directly into your website or Facebook. Contact: +43 1 2144292 or via email office@360-grad-video.com.