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The virtual glasses which by head movement (motion sensors), the picture changes. By the rotation of the head of the image is directed in the desired direction.

With Oculus Rift, you have the opportunity to experience nearly 360 degree video real. 2016 is the year of the 360 degree videos and accessories. With the help of these virtual glasses it will be possible to experience realistic and interactive games. By shaking the head, the image is rotated (similar to a movement of the computer mouse). The preliminary price is estimated at about 400 EUR, the release date will be perhaps JAN-MARCH 2016.

Technical facts:
If we look at the Oculus, we see a fish eye effect. We think that the Oculus Rift currently belongs improved. The resolution is rather low. This is roughly 1080 x 1200 pro eye (gives a field of view of about 90 to 100 degrees). In other words, the Oculus has a low screen resolution.

But hopefully the next version of the Oculus will have a higher resolution This corresponds to a significantly higher resolution and gives a good picture. At this point we want to mention that in addition to the resolution , the frame rate is important. Modern computers are the future also can decode 4K, and dan OpenGl will also be higher frame rates with 50 to 60 frames per second are possible (instead of 25 to 30 images).


Navigate the 360° video in any direction with mouse or arrow keys.

The loading speed can be slower as it depending on the computing performance of the pc
and the internet connection. Thank you for your understanding.

Please use the YouTube APP, or the chrome / firefox browser - to get the experience.

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