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DJI Phantom Vision 2 | quadrocopter | drone | fly | flight | 360° Video

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The DJI Phantom Vision 2 comes on the Austrian / German market. The top level model for drones - flying enthusiasts as well as users from the scene of the Aero / aerial photography. Ideal for private purpose, ready to use - thanks from the camera installed on the bottom + compatible with an iPhone, the video will start to transfer iPhone .

I've always been a friend of the ready-made solutions , complete solution from one source. One will of course say , that if you do everything yourself assembling parts and professional use is the quality of the recovered photo & video recordings will be better. Yes, this may be true , but at what price. Here you get an instantly bootable device , which is tested, works and is operated for a layman . Thanks to modern technology , experience and Knoh How DJI takes out an improved version of the old DJI Phantom I Drone . The current model ( dji phantom vision 2 ) directly via an onboard camera has 14MP + APP + Remote + Charger , everything what is needed for its scenic flight . All have fun with it , release date for Europe should be November 2013, planned selling price € 1099 .
In addition I would like to share , that the Dronenflug is notifiable , details to be inquired at Austro Control . Likewise, an insurance should be taken . This aircraft is due to incorrect handling , unforeseeable external influences or whatever crash , crashing into a car , someone injured , etc. - please consider this prior to purchase. It is in my opinion not a toy, it's an adventure.


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