Book your interactive 360 degree video. One or several 360° videos from your property. Our 360-videos can be integrated directly into your website or Facebook - Contact: +43 1 214 42 92 or via email: Watch 360 Videos on mobiles - click here (pls use your YouTube APP to watch our 360 Videos).

360° Videos offer the unique and top-modern possibility to impress to every company in every business field.

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The technology – simple, perfect and unique. 360° Videos are produced by six special cameras (fish-eye cameras) and can be made movable by special hard- and software. The cameras are mounted exactly in the same angle on a special camera holder in order to ensure recording at the same time in all directions. The single videos are then cut and put together to one straight video. This video contains everything that is happening in the front, in the back and on the sides. Finally the video is synchronized with the sound to get the full reality.


Navigate the 360° video in any direction with mouse or arrow keys.

The loading speed can be slower as it depending on the computing performance of the pc
and the internet connection. Thank you for your understanding.

Please use the YouTube APP, or the chrome / firefox browser - to get the experience.

Ibiza Boat Party


360 Grad Video Alessandro Dimas