Book your interactive 360 degree video. One or several 360° videos from your property. Our 360-videos can be integrated directly into your website or Facebook - Contact: +43 1 214 42 92 or via email: Watch 360 Videos on mobiles - click here (pls use your YouTube APP to watch our 360 Videos).

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 we test currently the new 8 GoPro aluminum or metal supports around 360 degrees to make videos. Due to the larger number of GoPro cameras, it is possible for us; to film more or to obtain a higher resolution. However, one must not forget, the more cameras you used, the more errors can creep in. The Überlappern, bringing together the individual video files takes time, top hardware and long Erfarhung in the range 360 ​​Video elaboration.

We are happy to take your 360 Video elaboration or even movies like your event / your show or your showroom, please contact us for your 360 degree video.
Working out of 360 degrees video is similar to 3D images, the better the hardware or software, the faster, as well as beautiful is the result. Currently there are no proper solutions that make working out simple 360 ​​degree videos. It is much more complex as one might think.
Partially correct render farms would be set up to 360 videos work out well ... this we use 3-4 computers of the latest generation, this close together to the computing power / Ram Power / to such adieren also graphics performance to such 360 degrees develop videos ...
Leave the 360 ​​degree video professionals. It is much more complex than it seems at questions please contact us vie email or Tel.

Navigate the 360° video in any direction with mouse or arrow keys.

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