Navigate interactively! With the latest technology of hard- and software we produce interactive "360 degree movies". These 360 videos can be controlled and moved via the mouse or the keyboard and enable the user to actively take part in the action.

360 degree video360 degree video stratosphereSPACECAM 360 | "interactive" 360 Video from space!

The stratospheric balloon reached a height of around 25 000 meters where the temperature is about minus 50° Celsius.
After around 1,5 hours the balloon bursted and was landed by a special parachute safely in Germany which was already calculated in advance. To facilitate the location, the exact landing area was sent to us by GPS Systems. So we could find all our equipment still working and fast. Watch an impressive >>> click here -  interactive 360 degree video - spacecam 360 (360 video, not for mobile device; for interactivity use a computer).


stratospheric ballon 360 degree space camera makes impressive 360 degree videos.

360 degree video erathAlessandro Dimas sent Cameras with a stratospheric balloon into space!
Alessandro Dimas from Vienna / Austria together with Christian Dobisch from Schönebeck / Germany, made a special balloon fly to the stratosphere to take impressive and "interactive"  360 videos with an 360 degree video camera system. Start was in Germany, Europe.
360° video make it possible to look in all directions – up to the stars, down to earth, or to the sides. As it can be controlled interactively everything is possible.
360 degree camera | GoPro RigA view from space, with commercial space flights is actually only possible for the super-rich, but with this novelty everyone can have this experienced for free! This is the possibility to get a 360 degree view down from space.

Note: if the balloon was carried away by the wind, 9000€ of our work and effort as well as the equipment would have been lost.
A camera team was with us when we celebrated this 360 degree space flight premiere. The flight itself was carried out in Germany, near Berlin and was a cooperation of and

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